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Corporate Responsibility

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Environment. Social. Governance.

ARC is committed to investing capital in a responsible manner, which includes prioritizing environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in all of our decisions, to fully quantify the risks and opportunities for both new investments and in our portfolio companies.

 Through an active approach, ARC’s advancement of ESG initiatives are positively influencing our portfolio companies at our initial investment decision, in the boardroom, and into operations.



  • Manage and mandate ESG risk at board level
  • Annual surveys of portfolio companies to capture ESG metrics
    • GHG emissions
    • Organizational health
    • Indigenous relations
Responsible Investing

responsible investing

  • UN PRI signatory
  • Annual surveys of portfolio companies to capture ESG metrics
Climate Change Action

climate change action

  • 25% reduction in GHG emissions intensity of oil and gas portfolio production in 2021, compared to 2018
  • GHG emissions reduction goals set at each company
  • ESG performance factored into executive compensation
Diversity Inclusion

diversity & inclusion

  • Completed diversity survey of portfolio companies and established gender diversity goals for portfolio company boards
Indigenous Prosperity

indigenous prosperity

  • Indigenous communities in Canada are important rights holders in energy developments. ARC and its portfolio companies value and respect the Indigenous community relationships that have been developed
Energy Transition Reliability

energy transition & reliability

thought leadership

ARC is dedicated to exploring complex interrelated trends in the world of energy, including environmental, social and economic forces.

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community involvement

ARC and its employees are committed to supporting organizations that make meaningful contributions to the community.

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